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Name:Puppyshipping ~ Seto Kaiba x Jounouchi Katsuya
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Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to official Dreamwidth community for loyal Puppyshippers!

Before we start our fun, there are some ground rules we HAVE to cover before doing anything. Don't worry, it's nothing scary I promise :)

Here it goes:

ღ Post only Seto and Jounouchi (Joey) related stuff: The community is about them, not the others. Pictures and long texts put under the cut so that community doesn't look "fat". And it's easier to skim through things.

ღ NO FLAMING!: You entered the shounen-ai/yaoi related stuff. Therefore, flames are expected to be NONE. Nada. Nothing. You will get only one warning before I ceremonially kick you out of the community. I expect members to PM me if they are harassed by flamers.

ღ NO SPAMMING!: Saying things once is just fine. We can all read so there is no need to repeat one message several times. If you think that what you said is important, remind us of it, don't spam what you said.

ღ Fictions, pictures and doujinshi share: They are allowed. However- fiction needs to be exclusively yours if you post it. If not, put a 'RECOMMENDATION NOTE' in subject and link to story. As writer, I do not support plagiarism. For pictures and manga, give credits to those that worked very hard to make us delightful pictures. And you can freely post your own art as well.

ღ GRAPHIC CONTENT: Such as nudity, mentions of stuff not recommended for under the age of 18, MUST be properly tagged as NC-17, with all the warnings and MEMBER LOCKED. If you are underage and still look at this as member and got offended, it won't be my responsibility for your burning eyes IF THE ENTRY IS TAGGED PROPERLY. If it isn't then the person who posted it will feel my wrath ^_^ Ain't I nice?

ღ Don't promote other communities here: Unless they are related to Seto and Jounouchi.

ღ Try to stay on topic: You can make an Out Of Character post and mess around though. But in Seto and Jounouchi related post, keep it related to them.


For any info you need or complaint, PM me on [personal profile] hellena and I will get back to you ASAP. Put in subject lines 'URGENT' if the matter is serious.
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